When people think of auto body shops, they usually think of a mechanic repairing dings, buffing out scratches, and, at the very worse, replacing the front or back end of a vehicle. Even if it appears that your vehicle only has cosmetic damage, if you take a look underneath you may find otherwise. In this post, we here at Inter-Tech Collision Center wanted to explain the types of damage your vehicle can experience beyond that of the cosmetic variety.

Frame Damage

When the designers and engineers were developing your current car, they spent thousands of hours making sure that it was both structurally sound and aerodynamically efficient. When your car is in an accident, all of that can be thrown out of whack if the frame is damaged.

Technically speaking, frame damage is damage to any component of a vehicle that is part of its main structure. Even a slightly-damaged frame can put you at risk on the road and put a dent in your bank account. That’s because a compromised frame is more likely to crumple in dramatic ways if you get into another accident. And that aerodynamic efficiency we mentioned earlier? If your vehicle is out of alignment, certain components will have to work harder and that usually leads to an imbalance in fuel distribution.

Mechanical Damage

Additionally, if your vehicle is in an accident, you might not be able to see the mechanical damage – damage to the axle, breaks, drivetrain, suspension, steering, and just about every other part of the vehicle that is not the frame. Like frame damage, mechanical damage can cause safety and efficiency issues with your ride both now and in the long term.


The third major type of damage has nothing to do with accidents but can affect your vehicle in just as serious a manner – rust. Sure, those unsightly, reddish-brown flakes are an eyesore most people think they can just sand away. In fact, in most cases they are. But, if left unattended for a long period of time, rust can work its way into the heart of your engine and start causing serious problems. It can also be incredibly hard to detect if you are not a ASE-certified mechanic.

What To Do About It

So what do you do if you think your vehicle has damage that is below the surface? Simple. Call a trusted professional to inspect it. There are plenty of mechanics and auto body professionals – like the ones at Inter-Tech Collision Center – who are trained to spot these very things. Whether your vehicle has been in an accident or you are just bringing it in for a tune up, make sure to ask if they can check for any of the type of below-the-surface damage mentioned above. And, if you are looking for someone in town that can handle the task, visit our location page to find the Inter-Tech Collision Center closest to you.