Frame Repair

Inter-Tech Frame Repair

Inter-Tech knows that damage to your car’s frame can cause big problems and leave the car less safe to drive, and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take a huge accident to make this happen.

One the biggest issues with frame damage are often times it is hard to spot. Unlike a smashed bumper, or big dents and scratches along the side or top of a car, it can be hard to determine if a vehicle’s frame has been damaged or not. This is why having a body shop, like Inter-Tech inspect your frame is crucial.

This is why frame damage can be one of the most serious repairs we do here at Inter-Tech. We aren’t just making your baby look great again; we are protecting your and your family as you drive down the road.

Frame repair sounds like a big deal, and it is, however it is important to remember that just because your vehicle’s frame has been damage, this does not necessarily mean that your car or truck has been totaled. We have repaired countless frames over the years, and have been able to get those vehicles back on the road, looking good, and performing well, which is most important of all.

It is also a good idea to discuss frame repair options with your insurance company. Your insurance provider doesn’t want you getting into another accident any more than you do, and giving you back a vehicle with a frame in good condition is a great way to prevent that next accident.

If you suspect your car may have frame damage, give you local Inter-Tech collision center a call and we would be glad to discuss our findings with you.