Chances are if you are in an auto body shop it’s not because you planned on being there. An accident can leave you scrambling to figure out multiple problems at the same time, like what it is going to cost, how are you going to get to work, and how long is this going to take? It’s for this reason we recommend your research beforehand.  We’re not saying that you should do a deep dive on every repair shop in the area, but a little planning and recon can go a long way in making the repair process go much smoother. Below we have listed a few helpful tips to consider when selecting the body shop that’s right for you.

Cheap Is Not Always Your Friend

Unsurprisingly, the cheapest repair option is not always your best choice. Also unsurprising, your insurance company is usually looking for you to use the cheapest option around. Be wary of any shops that have speed listed as their main selling point. While you may have your vehicle back quicker than you would if you sent it somewhere else, the workmanship might be a bit shoddy. What’s worse is that it could break down again which means you will be back in the shop and spending more money than you would if you paid someone to do it right the first time. If you do go with a shop that advertises fast repairs, make sure you get a guarantee or warranty on the work.

Crowdsource Your Repair

Reviews are everything these days. There is no doubt that going online to read reviews of any business you are considering is a smart move – but it should not stop there. Ask friends and family about where they have had work done, look for community and customer service awards, and check to see if the shop you are considering is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Ask the Professionals

If you really want to get a recommendation for the best place in town, you need to talk to the people with the best vehicles in town. If you have any high-end car dealers in your area it might be worth giving them a call. These people do not skimp when it comes to spending on cars and they are not one who cut corners when it comes to repairing them either.

Scope Out the Shop

If there’s a place you are strongly considering, stop in and take a look. Is the facility clean and well-organized? Is the staff friendly? Do they have their ASE certification? You should also ask them what type of vehicles they service. If your make and model is not something that routinely makes its way into the shop, it might be time to consider someplace where it does.

Go in With a List of Questions

Does your body shop offer rental cars? Will they put everything they say they are going to do in writing? Is your car covered against additional damage or theft while it is in the shop? Taking the time to think about the finer points of what goes into a repair will save you time, money, and a lot of headaches. If you have any other questions about choosing a repair shop call or stop into any of Inter-Tech Collision Center’s multiple locations today.