As you have probably heard, the winter can be brutal on your vehicle and it’s best to prepare for everything nature can throw at it before it’s actually happening. There are other items that you have to put the effort to maintain during the winter. Avoiding damage from salt is one of those things. While there’s nothing like a freshly-salted road to help take Jack Frost down a peg, it also dings the look of your vehicle, not to mention it’s value. Below, Inter-Tech Collision Center has listed three useful tips on how to prevent salt and other road chemicals from wreaking havoc on your ride.

Wax On, Wax… On

Waxing is a great way to prevent the cold weather from damaging your vehicle. The wax acts as a barrier between your elements and your car’s paint job keeping it salt and rust-free. You don’t even have to wax your entire car if you don’t want to, just make sure to focus on the rims, quarter panels, front grille, and other parts that are most susceptible. They also make specialized waxes that you can apply to your tires for the same effect.

So Fresh and So Clean

Keep your car as clean as possible during the winter. It should not come as a surprise, but the salt, sand, and chemicals used to break down the winter buildup can also work its magic or your car’s paint job – and not in a good way. These elements can have a corrosive effect that can dull, or in some cases remove your vehicle’s paint. The easiest way to avoid this is by splurging on a professional car wash twice a month. Or, for those brave enough, spending a frosty morning outside cleaning your ride by hand.

Inside Out Game

Surprise, winter can also damage your vehicle’s interior and clomping off your boots before you get in probably is not enough. The good news is that most wax brands also make specialized coatings for your car’s interior to help make it more water and salt-resistant. For truly personalized protection, consider splurging on customized, removable rubber floor mats. These mats soak up the damage and allow you to remove them for easy cleanup. Plus, they leave your interior in pristine condition for spring.

If you have more questions about how to prevent winter body damage, or if you need someone to help repair the damage on your ride from winters past, call an Inter-Tech Collision Center near you today.