Insurance Negotiation

Inter-Tech Insurance Negotiation

We at Inter-Tech pride ourselves in our ability to serve you in a number of ways. One of the most important ways would be our ability to work directly with insurance carriers. Inter-Tech is what is called a direct repair facility. This means we are pre-approved to handle your repair and you don’t have to shop around, trying to find a body shop that will work with your insurance.

This is just one of the many ways Inter-Tech works to providing both industry leading work, as well as industry leading customer service.

There are times that you might receive an estimate or a quote from a body shop, and then you report that to your insurance, and they push back on you, saying they do not accept this quote. This is why working with a direct repair facility, like Inter-Tech is so valuable. You can skip this step in the process entirely and worry about getting you and your car taken care of.

The next time you need work done on your car or truck, call or stop by one of the many Inter-Tech locations around the Omaha area.