3 Quick Winter Upgrades for Your Vehicle

We’re smack dab in the middle of winter and your vehicle is probably wondering where the nearest Omaha body shop is and when it’s going to get its winter vehicle upgrade. Make sure your vehicle is ready for whatever the winter throws us by giving it the upgrades and maintenance it needs to perform like new. Things like new windshield wipers, coolant, and a new battery can mean the difference between sitting on the side of the road and making it home safely.

1. Use Coolant to Protect Against the Cold

Since most engine cylinders are made of aluminum or a comparable metal, they need to be coated in antifreeze to protect against corrosion during the winter. Coolant, a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water, is the most common solution used to provide protection against corrosion. During the winter, the coolant mixture is working overtime to protect your engine from freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and road salts.

To check your engine’s coolant, find your vehicle’s coolant reservoir. This small plastic container looks similar to the washer fluid container, and it has a tube connecting it to the radiator. Unscrew the cap and take a peek. If the substance is rust-colored or has flakes floating on the surface, flush your system and add new coolant. If oil can be seen mixing with the substance, it is indicative of a larger problem and should be taken to a repair shop immediately. 

If you see anything else that looks suspicious or aren’t quite sure what you’re looking at, contact us at Inter-Tech to take a look. Our team of experts has everything they need to make sound, knowledgeable decisions to protect your vehicle all at your local Omaha body shop

2. Make Sure Your Wipers are in Working Order

Speaking of keeping up-to-date on your liquids, winter car maintenance means it’s time to adjust your windshield wiper fluid. Winter-specific formulas contain a high amount of methanol to keep it from freezing. Some of them also contain compounds like ethylene glycol to help it from refreezing once it hits your windshield. You can also make your own version at home by adding a splash of clear hard liquor, like vodka, to your vehicle’s existing washer fluid reserves.

Check your wipers as well by lifting each of them up individually. If there is little or no resistance, it might be indicative of a loose wiper. Other signs include consistent streaking, moving slower than programmed, or not moving at all. 

3. Replace Your Battery Before it’s Too Late

Do you ever notice how your phone seems to die faster in the winter? That’s because cold temperatures cause the chemical reactions taking place inside your batteries to happen at a slower rate which results in electrical shortages. This becomes increasingly likely when the battery is older and you haven’t taken proper winter vehicle upgrade steps. 

The average lifespan of a car battery is roughly five years. If you are at or around that, it may be in your benefit to swap it out now, before you find yourself stuck in the driveway or the side of the road. If your battery has recently died, make sure to check the manufacturer’s warranty to see if you can get a replacement.

Inter-Tech Collision Center is your one-stop solution to all your winter car maintenance and winter upgrades. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure your vehicle makes it through the winter and you’re not getting stuck in a ditch. Reach out to our team of experts at 402-898-8900 to see what we can do for you.